Community donates 0.7 BTC to phishing victim who lost all his savings at Bitcoin

The crypto-currency community has come together in support of the victim of a phishing scam who lost 12 Bitcoins (BTC), the entirety of the investor’s assets that had been accumulated over seven years.

On June 12, Eric Savics, the host of Protocol Podcast, tweeted that he lost all his savings on Bitcoin after entering the opening sentence of his hardware purse in a malicious impostor of the KeepKey application from the Google Chrome store.

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Savics stated that he hoped to buy an apartment in the future using the funds. He said, „All my savings are gone, I have zero Bitcoin.“

At current prices, Savics‘ Bitcoin savings were over $110,000.

The community donates 0.7 BTC to the victim of the scam

Savics‘ publication attracted words of sympathy from leading figures in the cryptomoney industry, including Binance co-founder CZ, ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees, and CasaHODL CTO Jameson Lopp.

However, other viewers chose to donate BTC to Savics; the OrangeDog Twitter user responded: „Eric, can you post a BTC address? I’m going to donate something so that your balance won’t be zero.

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At the close of this edition, the Savics purse has received almost 0.709 BTC, with an approximate value of USD 6,650 at current prices. If Savics recovers the lost funds, it has committed to return the donated Bitcoin to its senders.

Nouriel Roubini, the prominent cryptomoney critic and economist, has also heard about Savics‘ post, so he tweeted:

„1 of the thousands of daily scams in the Bitcoin/Shitcoins world. THERE’S ZERO SECURITY IN THE LAND OF SHIT! Billions of dollars lost daily to these scams and crypto-cash thefts. If someone steals my credit card or bank account information, I get a 100% refund with a 1-minute call.“

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Crypto coin scams plague the Google Chrome store
The Google Chrome store has increasingly become a hotbed of crypto coin phishing scams masquerading as hardware purse programs. A large number of fake Ledger extensions have been identified on the platform in recent months.

In March alone, it is estimated that a single extension of the scam absorbed 1.4 million XRP, currently valued at USD 269,000.

In April, Google removed 49 malicious extensions from the Chrome web shop that had been identified as crypto-currency phishing scams.