Tesla-Gigafactory in Nevada installs Bitcoin-ATM

Why the color of the upswing is important for investors

FRANKFURT (Schroders) – When the global economy collapsed due to the Covid 19 pandemic, CO2 emissions fell significantly. They are expected to increase again as soon as the recovery gains momentum. Ultimately, previous crises were always followed by a „brown“ recovery. But what if things turn out differently this time?

[Tesla-Gigafactory in Nevada installs Bitcoin-ATM]
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Since August, Tesla employees in Nevada have been able to access the digital gold via a Bitcoin ATM.

Tesla employees can buy and sell Bitcoin at Bitcoin ATMs in the Gigafactory Nevade. Bitcoin ATM operator LibertyX announced on Twitter that a Bitcoin ATM was installed on the Gigafactory premises.

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According to Finbold, LibertyX also clarified that the ATM has been in operation since August and is accessible only to Tesla employees. With the help of a software update, the existing ATMs are now accessible for thousands of employees to buy and sell Bitcoin.
Is Elon Musk a Bitcoin fan?

After Elon Musk has already taken a stand on Bitcoin on several occasions, even some of the crypto-twitter community see in him the Bitcoin inventor Sathoshi Nakamoto. Tesla boss Musk denies this speculation, however.

In an earlier tweet, Musk said that central banks are making Bitcoin look solid because of their expansive monetary policy.

The installation of the Bitcoin ATM is therefore no surprise to some. Considerations as to whether the car manufacturer wants to participate in Bitcoin at the corporate level and thus follow the example of Microstrategy and Square still belong to the realm of speculation. Some blockchain pilot projects show that Tesla is at least interested in the technology underlying Bitcoin.